Monday, August 17, 2009

Cool Summer Desserts

Summer has finally arrived in Central NY. We are sweltering here...not that I should be complaining after all the rain we've had! But when it is like this, it's hard to get in the mood to cook. So I look to those trusty fast and easy recipes that I have posted for a dinner choice and that leaves me also thinking about dessert. The husband has a sweet tooth so there usually has to be SOMETHING. Since we have beautiful sweet peaches in the house, tonight it is caramel peach parfait. To make it special, I am serving these in long stemmed red wine goblet style wine glasses.
First chop up some juicy peaches and mix in a little ground cinnamon. Now start layering in the glass:Chopped peaches, vanilla ice cream a little caramel topping, peaches, ice cream, a little caramel topping and then sprinkle with chopped walnuts. I love the Slow Churned ice cream to keep the calories down and I am using the Low Fat caramel topping. Bring on the spoons! Here are some more "cool" dessert ideas:
Mix equal parts softened cream cheese with marshmallow fluff. Add some vanilla extract, mix until smooth and use it as a dip for cherries, strawberries....whatever! (Kids LOVE this!)

Mix some Cool Whip into ready-to-eat chocolate pudding or instant pudding you have prepared. Toast (in the toaster oven so you don't heat the whole kitchen!) or grill some Sara Lee poundcake slices. Spoon the pudding mixture over the poundcake, top with fresh raspberries and dust with a little confectioner's sugar.

Before you start preparing your dinner, mix chunks of seedless watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew with some chopped crystallized ginger, sugar and lime juice. If you have it, toss in some chopped fresh mint. Place in the fridge to keep cold. When supper is over and you are ready for dessert, spoon the mix into some pretty dessert glasses. Pipe a rosette of whipped cream on top and garnish with a sprig of mint.

I hope you are having glorious weather wherever you are and remember that even in the summer, dessert can still be on the menu and it doesn't have to come in a box. It can still be healthy and homemade.


  1. Thanks for all the great ideas. I live in Rockland County and it has been pretty sweltering. I wont complain though, I hate the snow.

  2. Yum! Great dessert ideas! Everyone over my way would love them all!

  3. Great ideas! I just got done devouring a bowl of peaches and ice good!

  4. We just barely dipped our toes in New York this past week for a little getaway. We have the sultry weather here in New England as well, whew! I'm not wishing the summer away, but I do wish the humidity would take a dip!

    Love the fruit dip! Soooo good!


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