Sunday, August 9, 2009

Great finds!

Happy Sunday fellow bloggers! My BIL and SIL have been visiting from Savannah since Wednesday and it has been a whirlwind. I cooked and baked...we went out for dinner one evening...and last night it was a dinner dance. The husband and his brother played in a golf tourney so my SIL and I were left to do things that women

So this is not a food post today but one where I tell you about my amazing finds at the Salvation Army store. I was walking around looking at all of the odds and ends and knick knacks and toys.

What is that thing sitting in the back of the shelf? Are my eyes deceiving? It was a PERFECT piece of Portmeirion! It is a beautiful heart shaped dish from the Botanic Garden collection with a Dog Rose (or Rosa Cantina) pattern. And I scratches, no chips, not dirty. It was $2.99. Yep....that's right. I scooped it up and into the cart I carefully deposited this treasure. Price on the internet? $50.00...YA-HOO!

My next find was a full case of very old Matchbox cars. I am going to research those and see what the value the very least, my grandsons will love them. But I paid $3.00 for the whole case.
My SIL found a GORGEOUS dress from White House/Black Market. There it was...on the rack at the Salvation Army...her perfect condition...Price...$7.00. Regular retail? $168.00 Wow! We were so lucky that day! It feels good to get a bargain these never know what you are going to find! And after that hard day of shopping we came home and celebrated with pomegranate martinis! WHAT A GREAT DAY!! (Oh...and the guys came in second in the tourney! LOL)


  1. Wow! I need you to come thrift shopping with me! You know how to spot the good stuff! :0)

  2. I am with the 'ungourmet' are hired! Come up my way and perhaps you can find me a bargain or two...I am so NOT good at thrift shopping...but I do love doing it.

  3. my word verification, by the way, was that a take on the word rescue? Come and rescue me?

  4. LOL! I'm with you. I love thrift shopping as well. I'm seeing a lot of Limoge lately but I'm more interested in depression glass. Good score on the Portmeirion! I would have scooped that up as well. Terrific finds all.

  5. What great finds you got there. Those matchbox cars bring me way back to my childhood, my brother had some like that. I bet the original owner of the dress is still making minimal monthly payments on her credit card for it! Ha Ha!


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