Monday, April 6, 2009

McCormick's Color Creator

Have you seen what you can do to really kick up your egg coloring this year?

McCormick's Color Creator is where you should go to create colors that will impress everyone.

Do you want Dusty Rose, Teal, Deep Purple? Just select what you want to color...icing, eggs or cake batter. Magically you will find out how many
drops of food coloring you need to create your special colors. This is just so cool! And these will look so upscale.
I am going to be busy this week preparing my Easter dinner. We have an Italian/Polish household so we try to incorporate traditions from each into our holiday dinners. Colored eggs are traditional in both. The Italians bake a sweet bread that is braided with colored eggs. A Polish tradition is to crack a hard-boiled colored egg and share it at the dinner table for good luck.
So this year, I hope to make some really neat colors for our holiday dinner. I think it will be fun and very pretty as we celebrate this beautiful season and welcome spring.


  1. I always use Mccormick food coloring to decortae the eggs but just never knew you could go to the site to see how to make the colors!!

  2. How fun! My kids cannot wait to color the eggs.

  3. Now those are COLORFUL! I really like them; wish I had children to share the fun with.

  4. This is great! Thank you for sharing it! ☺ Diane


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