Monday, March 23, 2009

Cool as Cantaloupes and Cucumbers and a Giveaway

I can't believe that Cantaloupes are 99 cents each this week at my favorite grocery store for produce, Hannaford. I picked up a couple to see how they were and had some for breakfast this morning. It was juicy and succulent and I topped it off with some fresh blueberries that were also on sale. Love it, love it, love it!
So this week, the husband and I are going to have our own little party and snack on cucumber-melon "sushi"! This is such an easy recipe and is also a fun way to get those picky kids to try something new. Let them make these with you so they can have a hand in creating their own healthy food. They are nice party starters, especially in the summer, with some good chilled white wine. These are just a nice way to have a great snack during the day and so easy to throw together. And so much healthier than melon wrapped with prociutto....although I still love that too!

So there you have easy and cool appetizer for you to "start" the week!

Just as an aside, if you have cucumber left over, try throwing some slices in a pitcher of water. It is a very refreshing flavor and a change-up from the usual lemon slices!

Cucumber-Melon "Sushi"
Cut cantaloupe into 16 cubes, about 1 inch each. Use a vegetable peeler to slice 16 long strips of cucumber. Wrap strips around melon cubes and insert a toothpick. Stir together 6 ounces plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons orange-juice concentrate, and a teaspoon of chopped cilantro for a dipping sauce.

Also, check out this great giveaway for a wonderful cause. We all know someone who has been touched by heart disease and this is a fantastic offer from Cheerios.


  1. I can't get cantalpoe for 99 cents during the summer let alone the end of winter!! This does sound good, even the cucumber in the water sounds good, thanks!!

  2. Hi Linda! What a cute idea! That cantaloupe sushi looks and sounds so refreshing. It makes me wish Spring were here! We got 10 inches of snow today...

    I will be making that one soon! I hope things are going well for you!


  3. My canteloupe this week is 99 also.. I have got to try that sushi. AND thanks for the tip about the cucumbers in water. I grow them in the summer, and always have so many! I will try this for sure!

  4. Thanks for the mention of the giveaway! I really appreciate it.

    I love your idea of cantaloupe and cucumber. It's very pretty too. I can't wait to try it as soon as we start getting some good cantaloupe again. :)

    JMom @


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