Friday, January 15, 2010

What Does Your Ideal Snow Day Say About You?

I was browsing through a magazine and had to tear an article out to share. The Personality Insight question of "What Does Your Ideal 'SnowDay' Say About You" was posed. A psychologist, Kathleen Nickerson, Ph.D., from says that snow days provide an opportunity to participate in activities you love but rarely have time for. So what are some of those activities? And where do you see yourself?

Baking Up a Storm (This is what I selected.) Nickerson states that bakers tell her what a release it is to create something out of flour, sugar and butter. Following a recipe's instructions zaps stress by turning off the analytical part of the brain and suggests that you crave an escape from a high-octane routine.

Sledding Nickerson states that the more action-packed the snow day, the more likely you are to be intoverted. Interestingly, introverts lean toward physical activites because they prefer to show what they're interested in rather than talk about their hobbies. Plus this is something you can do with your kids to keep them happy.

Playing Board Games If you like to match wits and enjoy seeing how people think, then this is probably how you would choose to spend your day. You love to strategize and this opens a door to conversation and something that is fun. And again, this is another opportunity to engage your kids to keep them occupied.

Cracking Open a Good Book Nickerson says here that reading activates the language part of your brain and the part for visualization. It is a workout for the brain, because it brings both halves of your brain together.

Curling Up With a Movie Watching a movie compels you to imagine what you would do if you were that character in a similar situation. Nickerson says you are a born problem-solver, artistic yet analytical and you have the ability to empathize.

Do you have other activities that keep you busy on a snow day? I hope that you are enjoying the gray days of winter by putting your own rays of sunshine in them! Have a great weekend!


  1. Mine is a toss up between baking and reading, oh and going outside to take pictures of the snow.

  2. Reading, baking, watching a movie. I manage to squeeze in all three on a snow day, grins.

  3. Baking, cooking, and one other thing comes to mind, that I shall refrain from saying;)

  4. Shovelling snow...I love it...why? I sure don't know why but it makes me feel toasty inside and deserving of the next thing....baking... yep....and then I like to curl up with a good book or better yet, pop an old movie into the dvd player! Oh my....that top pic, that is NOT the snow your way I am hoping!

  5. This was really interesting. I really enjoyed reading this. For whatever reason, now that I'm retired a snow day is cause to clean and inventory the pantry.

  6. Baking and crafting with the kids. The kids like make cut-out sugar cookies and sock puppets on bad weather days.


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