Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pomegranate Mimosas

A few posts ago, I mentioned that our son, Anthony is always responsible for Christmas brunch. This year on Christmas Day, he will join us at our daughter Rhonda's home and we can observe how the magic of Santa has transformed our 2 grandsons. They live 2 hours away, so we will pack up early and get on the road. This is always so exciting. Not that the trip down is exciting...but watching the kids enjoy all their good fortune is so much fun. Back to brunch.... Because we are so busy opening presents in the morning, Anthony makes brunch after all the presents have been exchanged.... and it is always with flair! (And this is our son who made his debut appearance with his sister on the Food Network last night!) This has been his contribution for several years so we all look forward to it. I am making a contribution this year by bringing the mixings for Pomegranate Mimosas. Our other daughter who lives in Atlanta will not be able to join us. so we can offer a toast to her and her family with this colorful morning spritzer which I found in Southern Living. I'll just pack this all in a cooler with ice and it should be nice and chilled when we are ready to drink it. This will look very festive on the table and also add a little bit of healthiness to the day! (wink, wink) The nice thing about this is that you can either make a pitcher full or make it by the glass so even the kids can get in on the fun because you can easily do this without the alcohol. Easy...pretty...and toss a few pomegranate seeds in there to make it even better!

Pomegranate Mimosas

Just mix to taste

Leaded: Pomegranate Juice

Unleaded: Pomegranate Juice
Sparkling water or Sprite


  1. ordinarily we have mimosas the old fashioned way, with orange juice, but as I have pomegranate juice in the fridge, this would be equally as good! Maybe I'll have 2, one of each, grins, just purely for testing purposes to see which one I like the best, grins.

  2. This sounds soooooo delicious. How is your weather now Linda? I've been watching the weather wondering if you are going to get hammered. so far, we've missed it all and tomorrow is suppose to be in the 40's.. From our home to yours Happy Holidays ..hugs ~lynne~


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