Monday, September 14, 2009

Favorite Friend Makin' Monday Shows

It's another Friend Makin' Monday and today we are talking about favoite shows. I am a big reader and love movies, but when it comes to TV, I am not a huge fan. But I do have a few faves. I love The Mentalist...what's not to like...Simon Baker and that smile. Here he is looking pretty much like the "hottie" he really is!

I also like any of the dance shows although if I want to watch those it is in another room without the husband. His taste runs more to football during the fall season! I like to watch it once in awhile, but not ALL the time!

But happy Monday and enjoy the new season of TV. I might even catch the new Jay Leno show tonight. I very rarely watched him because he was on too late. Now maybe I can stay up after 10:00!!!


  1. I didn't even know the new Jay Leno show was going to be on tonight! I'll have to catch it!


  2. I've never seen the mentalist though I've heard it's a very good show!

  3. Hi Linda!

    Happy FMM! I started watching The Mentalist last season too! Isn't he a cutie??


  4. Alas, we don't watch any TV....


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