Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Create-A-Chip...creativity in demand!!

I found this post on Cooking Club of America...thought it would be of interest!
Be a Flavor Artist
Walking through the chip aisle at your local store, you stop and sigh. Sour cream and onion? Been there, done that. Smokin' jalapeƱo? All bark, no bite. Mesquite BBQ? The thrill of the grill is gone for you. If only you could find a snack with some personality. Stop searching and start shaking. With the Create-A-Chip Kit from Kettle Brand Potato Chips, you're free to come up with your own fab flavors. The kit gives you a blank slate (four bags of unseasoned chips) and seven all-natural seasoning blends to kick-start your thinking. It's up to your imagination—and the contents of your pantry—to provide the rest. Think you've come up with a killer recipe? Share it online. You could win a year's supply of Kettle Brand chips. You've finally bagged the prefect snack. Look for the Create-A-Chip Kit in grocery stores or purchase online at


  1. Ill keep this in mind. I'm not often in the snack aisle so I need all the recommendations I can get :-).

  2. Cute idea! I am enjoying plain chips lately as some of those flavors have worn off for me so this would be fun to try.

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