Saturday, May 9, 2009

Glorious Carrots

So what is everyone doing for Mother's Day? My parents are coming for dinner and my brother and his wife are coming to town to help in the celebration. I am making my Pork Wellington Recipe. It is such a pretty presentation and I want to make the day special. On the side I am serving mashed carrots with Gorgonzola. This is a to die for side dish. We have friends whose son used to own a very lovely restaurant in Ithaca, NY. A bunch of us went there for dinner and he did a chef's tasting for us. This was one of the sides and I have made it ever since. It is so easy!

Gorgonzola Carrots
Cook the carrots until soft. Put them in the food processor along with some crumbled Gorgonzola cheese, unsalted butter, salt and white pepper. Process them and serve. All of this is done to taste. They are very rich, but soooo delicious. And what a fabulous way to get that beta carotene! Not exactly a diet dish!!


  1. I'm always on the lookout for new and delicious ways to serve carrots as it's one of the few veggies both of us agree on. This DOES look and sound delicious. Copying and saving and serving!

  2. Would you believe I have the gorgonzola and NOT the carrots? I always have carrots but used them up in Grumpy's venison stew yesterday. I want to try this recipe!!

  3. That is such a unique side dish. Easy and gourmet! What more could you ask for? Thanks for sharing this.

  4. What a great combo cant wait to give it a try. Happy Mothers Day.

  5. Nice carrots...but we used to make em even more unhealthy at the restaurant when you visited...with butter and cream to puree them with, and then fold in the gorgonzola and some fresh tarragon at the last moment


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